A Sexy Lovely Trex

I’m recently at the point where i can’t turn my self back again.

trex_450xl_cde_ccpm_kitJust bought my self a birthdat present, a sexy lovely T-rex together with it’s complete parts. Wait a minute, it’s my birthday.. the 22nd. Trex will be an awesome gift for my self, and all that costs me more than my 1 month salary, seriously. Don’t wanna tell you how much it is, but you can do some googling if you want.

There’s no question of what should I do with my T-rex. I spent three nights assembling the whole parts and almost 6 hours figuring out what transmitter can do since it’s a digital 7 channels controller. Not including the CCPM setup, it takes almost a night long just to make sure that all the mixing arm and swash plate are level.

The kit? it’s awesome. Bought the electronic parts separately. Here they are:

  • Trex 450XL eCCPM kit.
  • Brushless motor Align BL420, 3550Kv.
  • Brushless ACS Align 35A, Governor Mode.
  • Hitech HS55 Servo x 3
  • Hitech HS81 Servo x 1
  • Futaba Gyro GY240
  • Futaba transmitter 7CAP/CHP
  • Lipoly 2250mAh/16C

It’s my new helicopter. My first 450 class helicopter. Already have some trainer helis, actually. But trainer helis cannot do 3D manuvers. This T-Rex can. I’m going to fly her for her debut saturday morning. There’s ‘Festival Layang2’ about to be held in my city. I’ll join it as a Heli flyer insted of layang2 flyer. That’s gonna be cool 😀

Foto and videos of me flying Trex, soon. Yeah.. it’s a birthday present i bought by my self. Worth buying, i hope. And happy birthday to me 😆

9 comments on “A Sexy Lovely Trex

  1. Happy Bday for u too.. 🙂
    cha.. sering2 ol nah.. byk tmn2 ta yg sering ol di YM..we’re waiting..

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