I Am Ready

They said “take your time. Let us do the rest. Just be prepared and get ready.”
Verywell, then.
So technically, I don’t do anything.

It’s one week left to my wedding. Err, did I say wedding? wedding like.. you know, two people united in marriage? Actually I never imagine being in this situation, not this fast. I mean everything seems so easy. I should even entitle this as “the easiest big thing in my life.” You like someone, you tell your family, propose her and finally you are in this phase, waiting for a wedding day.

So, everything’s set already as they said. I don’t even know what to wear on that day. That makes my preparation even simpler. Ah, live is so beautiful.

I feel nothing but excited.

22 comments on “I Am Ready

  1. Selamat bro…..
    Just make a good preparation for your heart, specially prepare more patience. Wedding is not ending of something but actually beginning of a new live. But as you said….just be prepared, endeavour then pray and let’s ALLAH do the rest. Happines will come together with all gratefull for this bless

    I’m so Happy for you

  2. Insya Allah… Almahdulillah! Akhirnya ya, bro. Kadang ada yang bilang nggak siap buat merit, tapi ketika menghadapinya atau ada di depan mata, akhirnya emang harus siap. You’re already ready kok… *halah bahasanya Teh :p* hehehe.
    Mas Yuris (Tusuk Gigi) udah… sekarang giliran Uchaaaaaa horeeee!!! *tunggu undangan meski nggak hadir :P*

  3. Uchaaaaa…
    Undangannya sudah sampai sore tadi…warna hitam putih dgn gambar mawar putih, simple tapi elegan

    Alhamdulillah myluphly bestfriend akhirnya nikah juga…
    congratzzz yach

    c u at the wedding yakz…hehehe

  4. ucha πŸ™‚ selamat yah…aku turut berbahagia untukmu… πŸ™‚
    jodoh memang misteri..semoga langkah yang dah ucha pilih itu memang terbaik….
    semakin percaya bahwa jodoh itu misteri…kita ga tau apa yang akan terjadi pada detik berikutnya πŸ™‚
    undangannya dunk uchaa πŸ˜›

  5. hi..ucha (i mean ur name)..=) its really ironic because my nick name is ucha malaysia ucha (this nick name) is very weird.actually today is my first day i just do a little research about my blog name..finally i found ur blog..anyway congrats for ur wedding..hope u hepi ever after with ur couple..

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