Februari With Laugh

Some breathtaking issue recently.
This guy made another silly comments. He despised blogger again. You can read the detail here.

What does he think he is doing? Hi Roy!™, blogger is a writer. That’s all.

And the last weekend match between Birmingham and Arsenal left another scary story. It was Eduardo Da Silva who sustained a broken leg after a very hard tackle by Martin Taylor early in the game. It is broken like I pronounce it.

This Saturday my team are going to face Bank Niaga at our home venue. But after watching Eduardo’s incident, Oh my dog.. I think I’m gonna quit football!

5 comments on “Februari With Laugh

  1. Wa… dia meng-insult para blogger lagi yahh.. hmm.. gak sa di gubris..kita para blogger punya freedom untuk berpendapat kan yakks.. hehehe.

    Btw..dakuw sudah blogging lagi lohhh. visit” my site yaa…

  2. yang pastinya si om roy suryo ini gk punya blog,jadi dia malu ketinggalan ngetrend blogwalk jadi dia sirik banget ama blogger


    emng cuma dia aja pakar telematika?

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