First 21 Year


Happy birthday to me..

Yeah, that is all i can say. I’m 1 year older now. A sure thing I can’t refuse. It was 00:20 in the morning when I got my first happy-birthday message. And then 1 more, and 1 more, and 1 more..

It was a very happy 20 years i’ve just left behind.
After thinking of all the bad habits i’ve done,
After arguing my self that i’m not the one in yesterday from now on,
After ensuring that today is July 15 by rechecking on 3 calendars,
After being sorry for I-dont-know-what things,
All I can say is “Happy birthday to me“.

Guys, thanks for the wishes y’all sent by the messages, emails, testimonials.. So much appreciated.

21 comments on “First 21 Year

  1. waaah selamat ultahhh…uppss kynya belated bday yah 😉 hehe wish u’ll have a great year ahead…!

    td b3 ga ikut kopdaran huheuheu soale kan b3a lagi liburan di Taiwan ni…Ucha ikutan y?

  2. ah dirimu… lagi2 kok ga bilang2 kalau sempat ke makassar? kan bisa bareng2 blogger makassar sabtu kemaren nonton GiE 🙂

  3. Chaa…met ultah yaah ^_^
    hip hip hip deeh pesta-pesta apa niiy…smoga sehat dan sukses deeh 🙂

    cha umurmu skarang 21? tampak masih sangat muda sekalii he he

  4. uchaaaaaaaa….happy belated day, hiks sori telat. Tapi gpp kan. Kemaren ke makassar??? kok gabilang2 🙁 kan bisa ikut gathering. seru lhoooo

  5. ulang tahun tooo…. met ulang tahun ya.
    wish u all the best.
    pertanyaan di email ttg forum udah terjawab-i ya. kan udah kasih komen di forum. 🙂

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