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HOW-TO VIDEO: Replacing Delonghi Dedica Wand with Rancilio Silvia Wand

Delonghi Dedica EC680

So I have this home espresso maker Delonghi Dedica EC680 series that comes with panarello wand. I can pull great shots of espresso, and produce good foam of milk. I know it’s hard to get a perfect micro foam out of the panarello wand so I removed the outer sleeve of the panarello wand leaving only the tip of the wand to work with.

But after about 6 months, the rubber tip of the panarello wand starts to disintegrate. My choice is to replace it with the new (exact same) panarello wand, or with another wand that fits.

And than after some readings, I decided to replace it with Rancilio Silvia wand. Good solid wand that originally designed for Rancilia machine. No rubber, no panarello. It’s just a perfect replacement to get rid of the bulky plastic Pannarello milk frother on my Delonghi Dedica EC680.

Rancilio Silvia Wand
Rancilio Silvia Wand

I can say that the Rancilio Silvia wand is a completely different wand and does command a much higher level of skill to operate. However there is a whole wealth of information and videos online about correct technique and you can produce a far superior microfoam. I was quite surprised just how much better the machine was now able to perform the task.

What You Need

So here’s what you need to prepare :

  • Rancilio Silvia wand (obviously)
  • Phillips 01 bit
  • Phillips 02 bit
  • Flathead 03 bit
  • T20 security bit
  • Pliers
  • Craft knife

And here’s the video of me performing step-by-step how to replace the original panarello wand of Delonghi Dedica EC680 with Rancilio Silvia wand.

30 comments on “HOW-TO VIDEO: Replacing Delonghi Dedica Wand with Rancilio Silvia Wand

  1. Maaf mau nanya,Klo delonghi icona vintage steam wandnya bsa diganti jga ga pke rancilio silvia?

    Mohon diblas, trima ksh

  2. Bro kenapa saya tidak pasang circlip nya ya?sepertinya ukurannya terlalu kecil. Apakah harus diganti circlip yg ukuran lebih besar?

  3. Bro kenapa saya tidak bisa pasang circlip nya ya?sepertinya ukurannya terlalu kecil. Apakah harus diganti circlip yg ukuran lebih besar?

  4. Awesome Video. Following your video, I was able to replace my broken Delonghi Dedica Wand (the inner rubber piece had broken off) with the Rancilio Silvia Wand. You gave my espresso machine a new life. Pieces and parts for $25 vs. new machine for $300. Thank you.

  5. Hi,

    Planning on doing this. Question is why do you need to install the circlip on the new wand? The ball joint is not gonna move down and I don’t think there’s a groove for the circlip in the first place. Secondly you replied to someone that you can use a wand with non removable tip but how are you gonna install the ball joint that way? Thanks for the video.

  6. Hi, i am not somhappy with my panarello on my dedica. So i want to change it. But which rancilio silvia wand did you use? I saw the v1/V2 and one called the older version. The amazon site said that the v1/v2 could fit almost all dedica machines but not all. Just want to make sure i buy the right one.

      1. Hi Ucha,

        It’s very difficult to find Rancilio Silvia wand in Malaysia or online…
        I’m wondering if by any chance I could order it from you?
        By the way nice tutorial & very beneficial.

  7. Setelah pasang rancilio wand, selang yang menempel pada batang steam wand sering terlepas saat steam, padahal clamp nya sudah terpasang. Gimana cara biar selangnya ga lepas ya?

  8. Sorry, you can just ignore or delete my previous comment. I just made a stupid mistake. The black gasket fell out and I didn’t notice it.

  9. hi there, really impressive. thanks for showing. Tried to PM you but there was some error message. Do you offer such service?

    Thanks, cheers

  10. I am definitely doing this was a bit unsure about where to start to even open it up but this makes me feel more confident 🙂 I appreciate the teardown. Will be doing it this weekend on mine Cheers!

  11. Great tutorial! How did remove the power button though? I can’t seem to get the inner machine out without removing it somehow

  12. Hi Ucha,

    Just did the wand swap and thanks to your guide it went pretty smoothly. Probably add two additional steps to help others here.

    1. In my machine there are 2 earth points that you need to disconnect before you remove the core. One at the top and one at the bottom. My tip would be to reconnect the bottom earth point before you fully put the core back. I can imagine it being difficult once you’ve reassembled.
    2. The power switch can be removed easily by pushing the clip using a plastic tool or a screwdriver.

    Thanks again!

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