So Heart Breaking


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’uun..

The Israel-Zionist regime’s brutal atrocities towards Palestinian population in Gaza Strip with the imposition of the blockade of the coastal area since mid-June 2007, which so far resulted in the dead of hundreds of patient; the suffering of 75 percent of Palestinian kids from malnutrition and starvation; the crushing of people economy; and the inability of humanitarian aids for entering the Strip. Now as you can see from your TV, many have died in Palestine as the aggression of Israel continues.

What are they expecting from this war? The end of Palestine?

They did a wrong turn. Palestinian will not be broken by siege and bombardment, and will never surrender to occupation as they are unable to set clear goals for the attacks.

I hope for peace. Moslems, Christians, Jews.. all together.

Plant yor Gharqad, you Israeli! you must have known what kind of plant this is. But the promise of the prophet surely will come.


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