The Game I Fall For


I can’t sleep. So I’ll just write, hope to be asleep soon.

It has been 2 years since I first played for our football team. I was in the first squad. You know, a non reserve player, a player who always plays from the first minute, a main player, a player of hopes.. Forget it! I’m crazy for football and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ok, let me tell you the story. My company, the place in which I work, holds a tournament called OLYMPIASEL in every two years. There are 5 teams compete each others: Area 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each area represets their region. I was one of first squad in Area 4’s football team, the region of PAMASUKA, stands for Papua Maluku Sulawesi Kalimantan. So, we played the game 4 times because we have to face every team in half round. But we defeated in every single of it. I thought I have played my best, and then I know that I was wrong. I played like shit. I screwed up our team. It’s not fare to blame your self, ok I know that.. But knowing your weakness is your strength, right?

Now it’s 2 years after. I have been trained my self a good football since then. A better one, at least. I really want to be in the football first squad again for this year tournament. I want to repair my mistakes. I dreamed of scoring goals or giving a brilliant assist or making a good run and end up winning. I learned from many sources. Let’s say football match in TV, playing a real game, and even DVD’s. I’m too obsessed, heh? Yeah right..

The problem is, I may not be taken to be in the squad. PAMASUKA is a large area, that’s the fact. There may be some good players out there and the coach, let’s say like that, may pick them up instead of me. As far as I know, there are more than 40 of players who list their names and there are only 15 who will be taken. Is that it? Being choosen doesn’t mean you automatically play in the game. You have to be in the first squad to do that. Otherwise, you just watch from the reserve bench.

This turns me fall asleep. Tomorrow awaits..

14 comments on “The Game I Fall For

  1. he2…chayo…smoga ucha jadi pemain inti…nanti kudoakan dalam sujud2ku…hue2hue2

    cerita2 awalnya gi-bol gimana tuh????

    ucha…sekarang wid dah gapbol mi lagi..sejak “suami” gabrielku ilang diantah berantah…

    masih internisti kah????

  2. eleuh.. heheheheh.. teteup smangad pak!
    jadi ceritanya tergantung keberuntungan ato skill kah? soalnya kan dipilih dari 4 wilayah besar gituh… *tuink*

    met hari senin aja pokoknya 🙂

  3. gila bolaaa!!

    moga kesampean deh jadi tim inti nya biar gak duduk di cadangan hehe…

    so, kira2 final champion siapa? 😛

  4. from what i’ve seen to 2 years ago, I do believe in your potential mate.
    I’m sure you are a lot better now and it will be a dissappoitment without you in our team. They should put you in the squad, at least they give you a shoot to prove it.
    And as the last wish, I hope they bring a better team now instead of a tourist team like 2 years ago.

    Ganbatte partner!

  5. pernah dnger dr suatu film c0w0 klo g suka b0la itu banci,,
    huhuw kalo km mah maniak ya ampe punya tim gituh,,
    btw mam kangkung aja biar gampang ngantuk :p

  6. akhirnya setelah sekan lama main ka lagi ke sini…

    banyak yang berubah yah dari blog yang dulu.

    Bola…waktu stm jarang (tidak ingat) liat ucha nimbrung kalau anak anak dah bicara tentang bola. Ternyata sekarang dah berubah yah…

  7. uchaaaaaaaaaaaaaa akuh sudah sembuh huhuhuhuhu ucha dimanakah dirimu???m,ana ole-oleh wat akuu??????smoga engkau terpilih menjadi tim inti na tapi diliat dari postur dikau tak cucok wat jadi back hihihihih keknya gelandang or striker ajah yah 😀 hjihihihihihihihih

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