Why I Blog?


I’m a “non talking expressionist” type of man. So that I’m writing.

You will barely see me complain or angry about something openly. I prefer to write it all in my blog. I can express joy, sadness, anxiety in just few sentences.

I’ve been blogging since 2004, a couple of years after the launching of the first blog engine ( A little too late but then I’m happy with the fact that I write when most people would like the option to chat in a chat-room rather than having wasted the hours trying to write something when they are online.

I love reading and writing, two activities that supposed to be partnered. And I admire writers, simply because they deserve to be admired. It is not how you tell others about what you write, it’s how they address your writing. How people brought into your point of view. I know several friends who also love to write. They write anything, anytime. Yet they feel writing is not as easy as it looks. So if you feel the same feeling, I should tell that’s normal.

I live my life just like you do. I am as real as you are. I’m just a blogger.


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